These are the current games we are working on.

Car Battle

Post-Apocalyptic Multiplayer Car Arena Battle Game

Neverending Barbarians

2D Hack-n-Slash where you must fight against yourself!

About us

Lonely Tower Games was founded in 2015

This game company was founded to make games.

So far, we've worked on a neat multiplayer 3D car arena battle game that has yet to be finished. The work was 3D asset creation and modification, textures, level design, additional asset creation, and programming. The project was a Unity project, so we want to stick with what works on that end.

In 2016, we became a developer partner with Sony for the Playstation 4. The first game is slated for a March 2017 release and is called 'NeverEnding Barbarians'. The game is a 2D side-scroller hack-n-slash set in a far-off land. You play the protagonist, "Jocko", who is a barbarian on a quest to free his enslaved people. We join our hero as he begins his journey, just having awoke from a deep slumber in his rented room at the Inn of Envelo.

The Team

Here are our most important team members
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Unity 5

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Ashcroft Summers

Art Director
I grew up in Virginia, in a little town called Burke. I conceptualize, guide, and make final calls on graphic design, photography, illustration, styling, lighting, retouching, and any other visual aspect to a video game project. Platformers, racing games, sports games, and RPGs – from 2D to 3D, I’ve visualized a lot. I went to an art/design school and I majored in Studio Art. My MFA is in Art Direction.
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Benjamin Sloboda

Project Manager
I started a Master’s program in Video Game Design in 2014 and finished in 2016. I graduated and started working on my own games. I began with Unity 4.x and then moved to Unity 5 while also keeping my GameSalad, GameMaker, and Unreal Engine talents up to par. Professional artwork is the way to go. Along the way, I do still like to make on-the-fly corrections to the artwork to match what the game has evolved into.
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Tim Girard

Music Composer
Originally from Rhode Island, I moved to Colorado to attend DU’s Lamont School of Music and received an M.M. in Composition in 2013. Since then, I have composed music for theatrical performances, scores to short films, music for video games, and orchestral works for the Lamont Symphony Orchestra’s New Music Concert.
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Hunter Russell

Lead Artist
Hunter is a pixel artist based in Michigan. She has worked on such games as Duelyst, Delver, and NeverEnding Barbarians.
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Eeve Somepx

Pixel Artist
Eeve is a benevolent wizard with pixels who grew up in a secluded cabin in the Alps. When he was of age, the council of pixel wizards had him explore the countryside in search of his crystals of power for five years. When he returned, he was forced to battle his mentor, and only one would emerge victorious. Eeve Somepx was borne out of that fire.
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Denver Poteet

Pixel Artist
Hello! My name is Denver! I enjoy hiking, biking, playing games, laughing, making pixel art, and eating chocolate. I live to create art and fantastic experiences. I am an artist, illustrator, graphic designer, and game designer. I am in my element when I am being creative or when I am helpful to others.
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Colleen Wilson

Lead Background Artist
Colleen has always loved art and first remembers, when she was about 5, drawing large dragons with hearts around them on huge pieces of paper. With professional background, she went to college at UCT in 2000. She loves art, programming, reading non-fiction books, and practicing natural healing. She also loves nature and enjoys going on regular hikes and snorkeling when it’s not to cold!


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